The company traces its roots back to 1920 when it was founded in Hiroshima as Toyo Cork. It wasn’t until 1931 that it started producing its first vehicle, a 3-wheel truck aimed at the Chinese market.

The company’s first passenger car didn’t arrive until 1960 with the introduction of the R360 coupe, a 4-door car, the Carol 600, followed in 1962.

After entering into a technical co-operation deal with NSU, Mazda released its first rotary-engined car, the (110S) Cosmo Sports in 1967. It later followed that up with the RX-7 coupe and RX-8 4-door “coupe”.

In 1989, Mazda single-handedly revived the affordable 2-seat roadster segment with the original (NA) Roadster/Miata/MX-5.


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