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76% of Mazda MX-5 buyers go manual vs. 33% of Toyota 86 buyers

In the US, 76% of Mazda MX-5 soft tops are sold with a manual transmission, but this number drops to 52% for the retractable hardtop RF model.

These numbers were supplied to Autoblog by Tim Olson, Mazda USA’s PR manager, a day after CarBuzz detailed the manual take rate across the American Toyota range.

Nancy Hubbell, a spokeswoman for Toyota, told CarBuzz just 33% of Toyota 86 buyers opt for the manual. A surprisingly small number for a sports coupe that’s not packing too much power.

The 86 is way ahead of other Toyota models though: Corolla (<1%), Tacoma (5%) and Yaris (5%). Source: Autoblog, CarBuzz