Founded in 1919, Citroen is credited with many firsts: first mass producer of cars outside of the USA, as well as hydropneumatic self-levelling suspension, disc brakes and all-steel body in Europe, front-wheel drive, swivelling headlights, and unitary construction.

Michelin took over the company in 1934 following Citroen’s bankruptcy. A 49 percent stake was sold to Fiat in 1973 before going bankrupt in 1974. The company was then sold in chunks to Peugeot from 1974, who acquired the whole shebang in 1976.

Citroen owned Maserati between 1968 and 1975, when the latter was sold off to De Tomaso.

Who is Citroen named after?

Citroen bears the name of its founder, Andre-Gustave Citroen.


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