Mazda Koeru concept would make a nice CX-7 successor

The Mazda Koeru concept car looks sleek, taut and perfectly sexy for an SUV, and it’s around the same size as the long gone CX-7.

Koeru is Japanese for exceed or to go beyond. The name is taken from “Mazda’s ambition to deliver value that transcends the ordinary”.

Mazda hasn’t revealed the interior, nor what type of drivetrain it has, but the dimensions below are just a few inches shy of the departed CX-7 (below).

The Koeru seats five, and has a SkyActiv drivetrain and body.


Length: 4,600mm | 181.1 inches
Width: 1,900mm | 74.8 inches
Height: 1,500mm | 59.1 inches
Wheelbase: 2,700mm | 106.3 inches