Mazda developing I6 engines, mild hybrids, new large car platform

Mazda has revealed, via slides in its annual presentation to investors, that it is developing two I6 engines and a new large car architecture.

Jalopnik read Mazda’s “Fiscal Year 2019 March Results”, and found a slide referring to a new straight-6 SkyActiv-D (diesel) engine and a new straight-6 SkyActiv-X engine.

The company is about to launch its first SkyActiv-X engine in Europe, a 4-cylinder with Spark Controlled Compression Ignition, which allows the gas engine to use both spark plugs and diesel like compression ignition.

Mazda is also developing a new large car architecture with a longitudinal engine layout (including “i-Activ 4WD”) and a 48V mild hybrid system.

It’s not known if the longitudinal platform will be RWD or FWD by default.

Mazda confirmed all these details to Jalopnik, but didn’t provide any further information.

Source: Jalopnik