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DJ Mazda 2 won’t be sold in the USA as a Mazda

The latest generation (DJ) Mazda 2 won’t be sold by Mazda in the USA. Buyers can still go to a Toyota dealership to snap up a 2 sedan with Scion iA badges.

Robert Davis, a senior vice president at Mazda USA, told Automotive News that with demand high in other markets and margins (and forecasts) low in the US, it didn’t make sense for the Japanese company to sell the Mexico-made car here.

“We could have had it, but we would have had a number that didn’t make much sense with 600 dealers and with the marketing it takes to launch a new car,” Davis told Automotive News. “I wanted to allocate resources to those products that make us and our dealers considerably more profit than a Mazda 2 does.”

The Mazda 2 sedan will however be sold through Scion dealerships as the iA as part of a partnership with Toyota.

Source: Automotive News