Citroen Ami (2020, first generation) photos

The 2020 Citroen Ami is an electric 2 seat, 2 door quadricycle that can be driven by anyone over 14 or 16 in the EU without a driver’s license.

Credit: Citroen

2020 Citroen Ami

It also has a top speed of 45km/h (28mph), a 5.5kWh lithium-ion battery can be recharged in 3 hours from standard 220V port, 14″ wheels, doors that open in opposite directions, fixed semi opening side windows, and interchangeable front and rear bumpers.

Available from the spring of 2020, it is super cheap: €6,000 to buy, €20 monthly rental after €2,644 payment, or €0.26 per minute through Free2Ride.