Citroen | Dongfeng

Citroen C-XR Concept previews mild Peugeot 2008-based SUV for China

Citroen has unveiled a Peugeot 2008-based SUV dubbed the C-XR Concept at the Beijing Auto Show that looks almost production ready.

There are few, if any, concept car elements that would need to be junked in the transition to production. Citroen isn’t saying much about the C-XR Concept, except that it’s the first SUV that’s been jointly developed by Citroen and its Chinese partner and large shareholder Dongfeng.

The C-XR Concept features LED head-, tail- and fog lights, and rides on 17-inch alloy wheels. A production version would likely feature less extravagantly styled head- and tail-lights, and a conspicuous lack of red highlights. Aside from that it looks ready to go.