Citroen CXperience concept: Preview of 2018 Citroen C5?

The radical Citroen CXperience concept car, to be unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, possibly previews the next generation Citroen C5.

The current C5 has been on sale since 2007 and, despite its good looks, is definitely due for a new model.

In addition to suicide doors, the CXperience has a flat floor, lounge style seats with wood backs and yellow leather, walnut dashboard, and a wonderfully retro single spoke steering wheel.

The CXperience is designed to cocoon its occupants and has “progressive hydraulic cushions” to filter bumps and road irregularities.

The CXperience is powered by a plug-in hybrid drivetrain with a gas engine with between 150hp (112kW) and 200hp (149kW), and an 107hp (80kW) electric motor, for a total of up to 300hp (223kW). Driving range on a fully charged 3kWh battery is 37mi (60km).


Length: 4.85m | 190.4 inches
Width: 2m | 78.7 inches
Height: 1.37m | 54 inches
Wheelbase: 3m | 118.1 inches