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Peugeot coming to the USA in the 2020s, Citroen to India, Opel for Russia

With Opel/Vauxhall now making a profit as part of the PSA Group, the company has announced its expansion plans for the US, India and Russia.

Despite slowing demand worldwide, the PSA Group made 3.88 million cars in 2018 and was able to turn a profit of around US$3.7 billion.

It has long stated it will return the US, but hand’t declared which brand it would use for its comeback. Now, it’s official: Peugeot will return to the States some time in the 2020s, probably by 2026.

Peugeot was last sold in the US and Canada in 1991. Before putting its own cars on sale, the company is launching a car sharing service in the US.

PSA will also launch the Citroen brand in India, and return Opel to Russia, after GM, its previous owner, withdrew the marque during the country’s most recent recession.