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Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD model axed affecting placed orders

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range Rear Wheel Drive, which was the first variant offered for the model, has been axed effective immediately.

In an email to customers who ordered the car, Tesla has announced (quietly) it has discontinued production of the Long Range RWD model.

The car has only been available by phone or an order placed in store since 2018. People with this model on order will probably have to downgrade to the Standard Range Plus or the Long Range AWD.

The poorly written email in full:

“Production of the Model 3 long range rear transmission (LR RWD) was immediately halted by the plant. This means that this version is no longer available. Current offers are no longer delivered.

“We are currently examining the extent to which the plant has always produced your previously placed orders. That won’t always be the case.

“Next week, we will inform you of the orders we can no longer deliver and the alternative we can offer. Attached is the Model 3 Adjusted Price List.

“Please adjust this in your systems.

“Kind regards, Tesla.”

Source: Inside EVs