2022 Lexus NX to be built in Ontario, Canada for North America

The second-gen Lexus NX will be built in Toyota’s at the Cambridge North factory in Ontario, Canada from 2022 next to the Toyota RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid.

Both gas and hybrid versions of the NX will be made in Ontario for sale across North America. Currently the NX is sold here is made in Japan.

The Cambridge North plant has capacity to spare as it no longer produces the Corolla sedan. In the adjoining Cambridge South factory, Toyota makes the Lexus RX.

In 2018 Toyota committed C$1.4 billion to its Canadian manufacturing facilities to enable production of cars based on the TNGA platform, with the federal and provincial governments adding $110 million each.

“It means that Toyota’s Canadian manufacturing operations are here to stay,” Fred Volf, president of Toyota Canada, told the CBC. “It means that we will continue to be a leader in Canada and globally.”

Source: CBC