Mercedes-AMG to go all AWD, and add plug-in hybrids to range

All of AMG’s next generation models will have AWD as standard, although those on RWD platforms will probably offer RWD only drift modes too.

Tobias Moers, head of AMG, told Autocar, “Customers have given us the answer, and most want four-wheel drive.”

Moers said when the AMG E-Class was offered in both RWD and AWD, 90% of buyers bought the AWD model.

And with RWD platform AMG cars offering a drift mode, which locks out the front axle, owners have the best of both worlds: traction and stability in regular driving, and tired shredding fun when they want it.

Even the standalone GT model will become an AWD model.

Moers also said the company’s V8 models will gain more power in the future through electrification, with a plug in hybrid system for the rear axle.

Source: Autocar