2021 Volkswagen Caddy finally on MQB platform, has all the tech

The new fourth generation Volkswagen Caddy finally ditches the ancient PQ24 platform for MQB, and now has (almost) all the tech of a Golf.

Available as both a commercial van with barn doors and missing windows, and a people carrying minivan with electric sliding doors and tailgate, and a panoramic sunroof.

Other available features include digital instruments, infotainment screens up to 10″, and trailer assist.

The body isn’t as sexy as the sketch hinted, but it is more aerodynamic body with a coefficient of drag of just 0.30.

The primary engine choices for the Euro van will be the range of twin dosing diesel engines from 55kW (74hp) to 90kW (121hp). There’s also a sole turbocharged gas engine (84kW), and a supercharged natural gas engine.