2020 McLaren Speedtail: F1 successor has central driving position too

The 2020 McLaren Speedtail is as long as a Chevrolet Tahoe, seats three, has over 1,000hp, and can hit 300km/h (186mph) without breaking a sweat.

The new Speedtail truly is the successor to the F1 we’ve all been waiting for. At 5,137mm (202.2″) the Speedtail is long, but narrower than the P1.

It also has a teardrop passenger compartment, carbonfiber covers over the front wheels, retractable digital exterior mirrors, and active rear ailerons because McLaren wanted to make the Speedtail incredible aerodynamic.

The Speedtail has a gas-electric hybrid powertrain with 772kW (1,035hp). With a dry weight of just 1,430kg (3,153 lbs), the Speedtail can do 0-300km/h (0-186mph) in just 12.8 seconds.

A special Velocity mode drops the car by 35mm (1.4″) to help it achieve maximum speed and acceleration.

In addition to an all carbonfiber body, there’s carbon ceramic brakes, 20″ wheels with Pirelli P-Zero tires, and side skirts, splitter and diffuser all made from 1K Titanium Deposition Carbon Fibre with just 1000 fibers per thread, and Thin-Ply Technology Carbon Fibre that’s just 30 microns thick for the shifter paddles and steering wheel clasp.

Luxury isn’t out though, as there’s 18 carat white gold McLaren badges and Bridge of Weir leather everywhere.

Only 106 Speedtails will be made, and all have already been reserved. Prices begin from £1.75million (US$2.3 million) excluding taxes, and deliveries begin in 2020.


Length: 5,137mm | 202.2″

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2020 McLaren Speedtail: F1 successor has central driving position too