2020 Ford Escape: Softer Focus SUV makes room for Baby Bronco

Remember the original Ford Escape? A tough looking, brawny feeling crossover that looked like an offroader that got shrunk in the wash.

The new 2020 Ford Escape looks nothing like that. It looks like a big hatch on stilts, because it’s basically a Focus with a little of offroader thrown in.

And that’s exactly Ford’s plan, by making the new Escape very soft and very car like, it now has room for a second crossover that’s around the same size, but much more rugged looking: the 2021 Baby Bronco.

Back to the Escape. In the US it will be available with four powertrains:

  • 1.5L 3-cylinder turbo with 180hp (134kW) and 177 lb-ft (240Nm), standard on the S, SE and SEL.
  • 2L 4-cylinder turbo with 250hp (186kW) and 275 lb-ft (373Nm), standard on the Titanium.
  • 2.5L 4-cylinder hybrid with a total of 198hp (148kW), optional on SE Sport and Titanium.
  • Plug-in hybrid with 30mi (48km) EV range, optional on SE, SEL and Titanium (coming spring 2020).

Available features include adaptive cruise control, a 12.3″ digital instrumentation cluster, 575W 10 speaker B&O sound system, 6″ heads up display, and 8″ Sync 3 infotainment touchscreen.

Dimensions vs Third Generation (2012-2019)

Length: 181.6″ (+3.5″) | 4,613mm (+89mm)
Width: 74.1″ (+1.7″) | 1,882mm (+44mm)
Height: 66.2″ (-0.8″) | 1,682mm (-20mm)
Wheelbase: 106.7″ (+0.8″) | 2,710mm (+20mm)