2016 Renault Twingo GT: 82kW/110hp RWD pocket rocket

The new Renault Twingo GT is inspired by the V6 Twin Run concept, but has a more powerful version of the 898cc 3-cylinder turbo, and a raft of other mods.

The Renault Twingo GT has an engine with 82kW (110hp) and 170Nm (125 lb-ft), up from the standard Twingo’s 66kW (88hp) and 135Nm (100 lb-ft). Power goes to the rear wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission only.

The car rides on 17-inch alloy wheels and lowered suspension. There’s also dual exhaust tips, a new front bumper with circular LED driving lights, NACA stripes, and a darker look.

On one side, behind the rear door, there’s a new intake port to feed more air into the more powerful 3-cylinder engine.

The Twingo GT will be available in orange, gray, white and black.