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Toyota Tundra production will increase eventually, but Tacoma comes first

Toyota will eventually increase production of the Tundra full size pickup, but the company has continues proritize the smaller Tacoma.

Sales of the Tundra are up 1.6% this year, but the pickup market is up 4.1%. So what gives? Well, the smaller Tacoma, for one.

“We made some choices as a business entity to push … Tacoma. That’s the fact of the business,” Jack Hollis, head of the Toyota brand in the US told Automotive News.

“It’s capacity. San Antonio is at maximum capacity, maximum overtime. We worked 46 Saturdays last year. We are choosing — because it’s our strength — to build a higher mix of Tacoma than Tundra,” Bob Carter, head of US sales, told Automotive News.

Carter says “Tundra may be in the latter stages of its life cycle. But that will change. We have a plan underway.”

He also says Toyota has no plans to compete to get to same volume of sales as the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, or Ram 1500, but “absolutely” do better.

Source: Automotive News