Subaru: Entire range will be electrified (not fully electric) by mid-2030s

Subaru says it will electrify its entire range of vehicles by the middle of the 2030s. It didn’t commit to only having EVs by then as some other outlets claim.

In a technology briefing in Japan this week, Subaru said it will make at least 40% of its sales electrified (hybrid, plug-in hybrid or full EVs) by 2030.

It also said during the first half of the 2030s, it would “apply electrification technologies to all Subaru vehicles sold worldwide.”

In the footnotes of its press release, Subaru says electrification equals “powertrain technologies which increase the use of electric power (e.g. EVs, HEVs)”, and the promise “excludes OEM vehicles supplied by other manufacturers.”

Subaru and Toyota are currently developing a new EV platform that will share and use for their own vehicles. Subaru’s first EV will be an SUV, and it previewed the car with a design study at the press conference.

Because only Tesla has succeeded in selling large quantities of EVs in the US, Subaru’s first EV is not a priority here. It will be focused on the Chinese, Japanese and European markets instead.