Renault to stop rebadging Dacia models in Russia, Brazil, except Duster

Renault will gradually stop rebadging Dacia models as Renaults because the French company wants to move its main brand upmarket.

Outside of Europe, some Dacia models, such as the Sandero, Logan and Duster, are sold with Renault badges. This practice will slowly end.

“I want that to stop,” Lars van den Acker told Automotive News Europe. Although the Duster “is the only exception – it’s one of our best-selling cars.”

Renault wants to move its brand upmarket, and has begun developing its own models for sale in developing and overseas markets, including the LWB Kaptur and new Arkana crossover coupe.

It also doesn’t want to tread on its other value brand, Lada.

Source: Automotive News Europe