Nikola Badger: Electric pickup to have hydrogen fuel cell option

The Nikola Badger is a competitor for the Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, GMC Hummer EV and Ford F-150 EV, but it will have one important difference.

The Badger’s electric motors have 676kW (906hp) of peak power, 339kW (455hp) continuous power, and 1329Nm (980 lb-ft). The 0-60mph is an impressive 2.9s, and the towing rating is over 8,000lb (3,629kg)

The standard electric model has a 160kWh flooded module lithium-ion battery with an estimated EPA range of 483km (300mi). With the optional 120kW hydrogen fuel cell system range jumps up to 966km (600mi), but you might spend most of your time looking for a hydrogen filling station..

The Badger has a 15kW export outlet in the bed for power tools.

Working prototypes of the Badger will be unveiled at Nikola World 2020, probably in September.