2020 Seat Leon: A Mark VIII Volkswagen Golf with true sex appeal

The 2020 Seat Leon uses the same MQB Evo platform as the Mark VIII Volkswagen Golf and Mark IV Skoda Octavia, but a lot sexier. A lot.

Available as both a hatch and an estate, the Leon has grown up to 93mm (3.7″) over the 3rd generation.

The powertrain options are shared with the Octavia and Golf, and include 1L and 1.5L turbo gas engines with optional mild hybrid versions, 2L turbo-diesels, a 1.4L plug-in hybrid, and 1.5L compressed natural gas engine.

With the Octavia as the more budget model, and the Golf as the premium version, the Leon is more emotional, but comes with some items not available on the Octavia, like Car2X communication.

Also available are LED headlamps and taillights, a 10.25″ digital cockpit instrumentation system, 8.25″ to 10″ infotainment systems with wired Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay, and voice recognition.

Seat Leon hatch dimensions (compared to Mark III)

Length: 4,368mm (+86mm) | 172″ (+3.4″)
Width: 1,800mm (-16mm) | 70.9″ (-0.6″)
Height: 1,456mm (-3mm) | 57.3″ (-0.1″)
Wheelbase: 2,686mm (+50mm) | 105.8″ (+2″)

Seat Leon estate dimensions (compared to Mark III)

Length: 4,642mm (+93mm) | 182.8″ (+3.7″)
Width: 1,800mm (-16mm) | 70.9″ (-0.6″)
Height: 1,448mm (-3mm) | 57″ (-0.1″)
Wheelbase: 2,686mm (+50mm) | 105.8″ (+2″)