Nikola Badger concept (2020, first generation) photos

The 2020 Nikola Badger concept is a full size pickup truck with either a pure electric or hydrogen fuel cell powertrain.

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Credit: Nikola

2020 Nikola Badger concept

The powertrain has 676kW (906hp) peak power, 339kW (455hp) continuous power, and 1329Nm (980 lb-ft), 0-60mph in 2.9s, and a 483km (300mi) EV EPA range with a 160kWh flooded module lithium-ion battery or 966km (600mi) range with 120kW hydrogen fuel cell.

Towing capacity is over 8,000lb (3,629kg). It also has a 15kW export outlet for power tools.

It will debut at Nikola World 2020 in September.