Mitsubishi Super Height K-Wagon: A very Japanese take on the minivan

The 2019 Mitsubishi Super Height K-Wagon is that most Japanese of cars: a kei car minivan perfect for the country’s tight roads and crowded cities.

The concept at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Show previews a member of the next generation eK Space family, probably more aggressive Custom model. It has all Mitsubishi’s latest design features: a Dynamic Shield and some hints about offroading ability.

Like the full size minivans we know, the eK Space has sliding rear doors. It is based on the latest eK kei car platform, and the body is taller than the standard eK hatch.

Kei cars have for lower road taxes and insurance rate. To qualify, kei cars must be under 3.39m (133.5″) long, 1.48m (58.3″) wide, and 2m (78.7″) tall. They can only use engines up to 660cc, and have a maximum power output of 47kW (63hp).