Koenigsegg Jesko: Crazy huge wing, huge power, Lightspeed transmission

The Koenigsegg Jesko is everything you want from a Koenigsegg. Maximum power, maximum cost, two doors, and a huge ass rear wing.

The Jesko has 5L twin-turbo V8, which makes 955kW (1,280hp) on standard gas, and 1,193kW (1,600hp) on E85 biofuel. The new V8 has a 8,500rpm rev limit, its maximum torque output is 1,500rpm at 5,100rpm, but also makes at least 1,000Nm between 2,700 and 6,170rpm.

Koenigsegg’s new V8 flat plane 180 degree crankshaft weighs just 12.5kg (27.6 lb), and is said to be the world’s lightest V8 crankshaft.

It is connected to a new 9-speed automated multiplate clutch transmission. Unlike dual-clutch transmissions, the new Lightspeed Transmission has “virtually zero time” between gear shifts, whether it’s up one gear or down five.

Other new features include a new carbonfiber monocoque, rear wheel steering, a 5″ digital instrument cluster, a “SmartWheel”, 20″ wheels at the front with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 265/35 tires, and 21″ wheels at the rear with 325/30 tires.