Ford Focus RS confirmed for US, Canada; 2.3L Mustang motor likely

Ford has confirmed that the third generation Ford Focus RS will be available in USA, Canada and, indeed, much of the world.

Ford CEO, Mark Fields, told a press conference today, “We’re announcing a new Focus RS will be coming to the [US] market and it will be coming globally”.

It’s expected that the latest generation Focus RS will feature a version of the 2.3-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged (sorry, EcoBoost) engine found in the new Mustang.

This motor is expected to generate around 330hp (246kW) — more than in the 2.3 Mustang and, crucially, more than the 300hp (224kW) generated by the previous generation’s (pictured above) slightly mad Volvo-derived 2.5-litre 5-cylinder motor.

Torque output is likely to best the previous car’s 325 lb-ft (440Nm).

Like previous Focus RS models, the new RS will be fitted only with front-wheel drive. Power delivery and torque steer will be smoothed out by a LSD and a development of the RS’ RevoKnuckle front suspension.

Unlike other North American-bound Focus models, the RS will be produced in Europe, so supply will likely be limited.

Source: AutoGuide