Cadillac CT8 cancelled: Cadillac to concentrate on SUVs

Autoline is reporting that the flagship Cadillac CT8, a competitor for the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class, has been cancelled.

In a tweet earlier this week, Autoline said, “This just in. Cadillac CT8 program cancelled. Was to be flagship sedan for the brand. No doubt market shift to CUVs & SUVs played a role.”

Whilst purists will decry this move and wonder what happened to Cadillac’s recently unveiled “dare greatly” ethos, it makes total sense. Crossovers are booming, Cadillac sedan sales are in the pits, and the sales prospects for a CT8 in the short term are hopeful at best.

Given how thin Cadillac’s SUV range is — just the XT5 (below) and Escalade — the brand desperately needs more high riding wagons in its range. Once these are up and on sale, hopefully Cadillac can aim for inspiration metal, like a sedan or sedans above the CT6 (above) or a production version of the Elmiraj coupe.

Source: Autoline