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2018 BMW M5, M6: No manual, just dual-clutch transmissions

The next generation BMW M5 and BMW M6 will not be offered with a manual transmission, with the high powered coupe, sedan and convertible to be exclusively mated to a dual-clutch transmission.

The 6-speed manual option is only offered in the F10 BMW M5 and F12/F13 BMW M6 in the USA due to customer demand. The manual transmission was developed at great cost to handle the 4.4-liter V8’s 502 lb-ft (580Nm) of torque.

Frank van Meel, boss of BMW M GmbH, has told Car and Driver that “demand [for the manual has] dropped to zero”.

So, if you want to shift your own gears in a M5 or M6, best do it now before the current car is discontinued.

BMW will continue to offer manual transmissions in its M2, M3 and M4 ranges, though.

Source: Car and Driver