Cadillac CT6: What does its name mean?

The Cadillac CT6 is American luxury marque’s latest luxury sedan and the first to use the brand’s latest naming scheme, but what do the letters stand for?

According to Cadillac, CT6 stands for Cadillac Touring 6. The 6 denotes the car’s relative size and price within Cadillac’s sedan, coupe and wagon range.

Similar to the alphanumeric systems used by BMW and Audi, the larger the number, the more expensive and larger the vehicle is.

The CTx naming structure will be implemented gradually as cars are replaced or facelifted, with names like the ATS, CTS and XTS set to disappear in time.

Cadillac will use a similar nomenclature for its SUV lineup, with XTx being used. The only model excluded from the new naming scheme is the Escalade, which will remain as is.