American Volkswagen Passat production ends with 2022 model year

Volkswagen just can’t compete with Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, and it’s throwing in the towel at the end of the 2022 model year.

Reskinned only two years ago, the NMS Passat is being retired and its space at the Chattanooga, Tennessee, plant will be taken up by electric vehicles.

To send it out on a high, there’s a new Passat Limited Edition with lots of references to Chattanooga and the history of the Passat.

Tags on the seats read “Chattanooga 2011,” and there’s a rubber mat for the cup holders with map of the city and a sketch of the factory.

Other standard features include 18-in wheels, Fender sound system, automatic parking assist, heated seats, sat nav, black mirrors, and LED lights.

A total of 1,973 Passat LEs built because that’s the year the Passat debuted in Germany.

  • 411 of those will be red with black interiors as the Typ 411 was the Passat development code.
  • 423 will be racing green with brown interiors as 423 is the area code for Chattanooga.
  • 524 have white exteriors and brown interiors as 5/24 is the date the Chattanooga factory opened in 2011.
  • 615 will have gray paint and black interiors as there have 6 imported generations, 1 US built generation, and 5 decades of Passats.