2021 Abarth F595: Race engine for aging city hatch

The Fiat 500 is 14 years old, so here’s another special edition to keep it slightly relevant and interesting.

Yes, there’s a new 500 on sale in Europe, but it’s only available as an EV. That’s why Stellantis (and FCA before it) are keeping the old new 500 on sale.

The Abarth F595 has 1.4L supercharged I4 from its F4 racing program in Germany and Italy. The supercharged engine makes 123kW (165hp) and 230Nm (170 lb-ft), and is fitted only with a 5-speed sequential transmission. It has a 0-100km/h time of 7.3s

It’s easy to tell the Abarth F595 from other 500s and Abarth models because it has stacked twin exhausts.