2021 Toyota Aqua is the second generation Prius C we’ll never see

The West will never see the Toyota Aqua in the flesh unless we’re allowed to travel to Japan or Asia again.

Although it is one of the most popular cars in Japan, and often took top spot, the original Aqua/Prius C wasn’t popular in other countries.

The Prius C was too small for America, and Europe used the Aqua’s drivetrain for the Yaris Hybrid instead.

With the Yaris axed in North America, and the Yaris Hybrid doing better than ever in Europe, the new Aqua is staying at (or near) home.

The new car has a redesigned but familiar body, and the TNGA-B platform shared with the Yaris (although it’s a little larger). It shares a 1.5L I4 hybrid with the Yaris, but it has a new nickel battery type that should be as space efficient and energy dense as lithium-ion battery packs.

There’s also single pedal driving, and a generator mode that allows appliances to be powered in emergencies.