2021 Toyota Mirai: Hydrogen fuel cell car goes sexy and gains RWD

Yes, this is only the 2019 Toyota Mirai Concept, but it shows the second generation hydrogen fuel cell car will now sexy body with RWD.

Based on the company’s new premium RWD platform (probably with a lot borrowed from the JDM Toyota Crown), the 2021 Mirai junks today’s awkward fugly pimply kid drawing math class design for a Japanese take on the Audi A7.

The new Mirai will have the company’s next generation hydrogen fuel cell hybrid powertrain, and will have a 30% increase in range. The current Mirai has an EPA range of 312mi (502km), so the second-gen Mirai should have at least 406mi (653km).

No other powertrain details (like power, torque) are known right now. The new Mirai will be a lot bigger (but lower) than today’s car, and will have 5 seats.


Length: 4,975mm (+85mm) | 195.8″ (+3.4″)
Width: 1,885mm (+70mm) | 74.2″ (+2.8″)
Height: 1,470mm (-65mm) | 57.8″ (-2.6″)
Wheelbase: 2,920mm (+140mm) | 114.9″ (+5.5″)