2019 Nissan Note Nismo S Black Edition: everything wrong with the company

What do you think when you think Nismo? If you think anything at all, it’s crazy oversized or overpowered engines crammed into a pedestrian car.

So this Nissan Note Nismo should be barely containing the power from a 2L turbo I4 or a 3L twin-turbo V6, right?

No, it’s got some black stickers, lowered suspension and god knows what else, but it’s got the standard 1.2L and 1.6L hybrids. Not even a larger, more powerful hybrid!

Seriously it should be a Nismo-Line or Nismo-Style or Nismo-X package, just like there’s an R-Line for Volkswagen or S-Line for Audi.

But, no, it’s in the same bucket as the crazy Juke Nismo or Patrol Nismo.