2021 Audi TT could be a four door coupe only for fourth generation

Thanks to declining sales of coupe and convertible models, the Mark IV Audi TT will reportedly become a four door coupe going on sale within two years.

According to AutoExpress Audi has approved the project and the design for the new four door TT. It will retain all the familiar TT styling cues, but a longer wheelbase and an extra set of doors for improved practicality.

The car will be built on the MQB platform, and will have mild hybrid 48V gas engine, plug in hybrid, electrified diesel, and electric powertrains.

An Audi board member told AutoExpress: “If you set falling demand against rising costs, it’s obvious Audi cannot sustain its present course in the medium term. Instead, there has been intensive consideration of the coupe and the convertible in the compact segment.”

Audi had previously considered building a four door TT, and released the TT Sportback concept in 2014 to show its intentions, but Dieselgate and low sales projections killed the program.

Source: AutoExpress