Aston MartinVantage

2021 Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition: More powerful AMG V8

Aston Martin through its new owners now has an F1 team, so it’s inevitable there’s a tie in with the racing team.

There’s a more powerful version of the AMG 4L twin-turbo V8, which now has 393kW (527hp) and 685Nm (505 lb-ft) or an increase of 18kW (24hp). An 8-speed auto and RWD is standard.

Aston Martin has also improved suspension and steering feel, and fitted with larger 21-in wheels and Pirelli tires. The exterior has been modified to look like the F1 safety car.

The F1 Edition is available in both coupe and convertible, and will be available from the summer of 2021. Prices in the US start from US$162,000.