Volkswagen rebranding to Voltswagen: Just a bad April Fools promotion

Volkswagen really wants you to know that its ID.4 EV SUV is going on sale real soon, and misled people to believe it was becoming Voltswagen.

Monday CNBC saw a leaked press release stating Volkswagen of America was rebranding to Voltswagen of America, even though it will continue selling gas cars along with new EVs.

Tuesday Volkswagen issues a press release stating it will begin branding its Voltswagen everywhere, with EVs carrying VW and Voltswagen logos, and gas cars continuing with VW badges.

Tuesday evening Volkswagen confirms this was all crazy marketing scheme to promote its ID.4 crossover, and that the April Fools joke got out early.

Not a great look for a company caught cheating on diesel emissions, and forced to pay up billions and billions of dollars and euros in fines and compensation.