Kia Stinger may be axed in 2022, replaced by hybrid minivans

The Kia Stinger has been a hit with journalists and internet commenters, but not with buyers, so it’s time in production will be limited.

Affordable, RWD and available with a twin-turbo V6, the Stinger was released in 2017 to a lot of fanfare. And while it’s an excellent buy (especially second hand), not many have been sold because the world has moved on non-premium RWD sedans (and liftbacks).

Initially the Stinger was expected to stay into production until 2024, but reports in South Korea have revealed Kia’s production plans at its local factories. The Sohari plant where the Stinger is built will stop making the car in Q2 2022, and its production line will be converted to handle electrified cars, the first of which will be the Carnival Hybrid minivan.

With Kia and Hyundai betting big on EVs, Kia’s next performance RWD car will be the EV6 hatch/SUV.

Source: Korean Car Blog