2020 Vauxhall Corsa: New model now based on Peugeot 208

The fifth/sixth generation Vauxhall/Opel Corsa was pretty much ready for release when the PSA Group bought Opel/Vauxhall from GM.

Despite the Corsa E being very old dating back to the Corsa D, which debuted in 2006, PSA decided to scrap the newly developed Corsa and develop its own model so it wouldn’t have to pay GM licensing fees for the next 7 years.

So, here it is, a few years late. The new Corsa. Completely new, and based on the CMP platform shared with the Peugeot 208.

The new car is 10% lighter at 980kg (2,160 lb). At launch there will be two gas engines: a 55kW (74hp) 1.2L, and 74kW (99hp) 1.2L direct injection turbo 3-cylinder.

Both are available with a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic. There’s also a 1.5L diesel with 74kW (99hp) and 250Nm (184 lb-ft).

Available features include a 7″ or 10″ touchscreen infotainment system, and matrix LED headlamps.

An all electric Corsa-e will also be available with a 100kW (134hp) and 260Nm (192 lb-ft) motor, and a 50kWh battery with WLTP range rating of 330km (205mi).