TeslaModel Y

2020 Tesla Model Y: 7-seat SUV starts from $39,000, looks blobby

The 2020 Tesla Model Y is an SUV based on the Model 3, and is about 10% more expensive than the equivalent sedan, but does have 7 seats.

The entry level US$39,000 Model Y Standard Range model isn’t scheduled to go into production until early 2021, and has a driving range of 230mi (370km).

The Long Range RWD model has 300mi (483km) of range, and the Dual Motor AWD model will probably have a little bit less range.

The standout Performance model has a 0-60mph time of 3.5s, and a top speed of around 150mph (241km/h).

The Model Y is compatible with the company’s Supercharger stations (but it’s not free), requires a smartphone to unlock and lock, and has a single 15″ touchscreen (there’s no instrumentation screen).

Total trunk space (front and rear) is rated at 66 cubic feet (1,869L).

Unlike the Model X it has regular rear doors, none of that fancy (but expensive) Falcon Wing shit.