2019 Renault Arkana coupe SUV to be sold in Russia, Asia, not Europe

Technically the car unveiled at the Moscow Motor Show is a concept, but, look at it, it’s basically the 2019 Renault Arkana coupe crossover.

Designed for those who love sedans, but want the outdoorsy ride height of an SUV and the suspension to tackle Russia’s crap roads, the Renault Arkana will go into production first in Russia in one of AutoVaz’s factories – Renault controls Lada.

The Arkana will also be built and sold in Asia (read: China), where it will be tailored to local tastes.

The Arkana concept has 19″ wheels, AWD, LED headlamps, and a panoramic roof. Front wheel drive is standard, but all wheel drive will be available on the production car. It will debut a new engine for the Renault range.

Renault has a 8.5% share of the Russian market, and Lada is number one brand with a 19.5% share.