2017 Opel Ampera-e on sale in Norway, will become Opel’s best seller

Norway will be the first country in Europe to first country in which the new Opel Ampera-e, a rebadged Chevrolet Bolt, will go on sale.

Due to supply constraints from the Orion, Michigan plant that will last until 2018, Opel will stagger the launch of the Ampera-e in Europe.

Countries with the highest EV take up and best incentives will get the car first, with Germany, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland due to receive the Ampera-e in that order. Most European countries will get the Ampera-e by late 2017 or 2018.

Norway was chosen as the first country to receive the Ampera-e as there’s no sales tax on EV, lowered annual road tax, free toll road and ferry usage, free parking, access to bus lanes, and reduced company taxes.

There are already 100,000 EVs on the road in Norway, and 22 per cent of all car sales were of EVs in 2015.

Peter Christian Küspert, Opel Group Vice President Sales & Aftersales, says, “It will be sold throughout the entire Opel dealer network as the Ampera-e will soon be Opel’s bestseller [in Norway].”

The Chevrolet Bolt is currently on sale in the US, but only in select states, including California.