2018 Lincoln Navigator vs 2016 Concept: Differences side-by-side

The fourth-generation (U554) Lincoln Navigator is very clearly based on the 2016 concept car, see how much they differ by in this side-by-side comparison.

2018 Lincoln Navigator - frontNavigator
Lincoln Navigator Concept frontConcept
Clearly the concept and production vehicles are very closely related. The production car has slightly larger headlights and air intake apertures.
2018 Lincoln Navigator - sideNavigator
Lincoln Navigator Concept side profileConcept
The biggest difference along the sides is that the concept has frameless glass windows, and no door handles for a cleaner look.
2018 Lincoln Navigator - side, doors and tailgate openNavigator
Lincoln Navigator Concept gullwing doorsConcept
Oh, and the production car has regular doors, while the concept vehicle has large one-piece gullwing units on each side, and a motorised three-step access system.
2018 Lincoln Navigator - rearNavigator
Lincoln Navigator Concept rearConcept
At the rear, the production car has taller tail-lights.
2018 Lincoln Navigator - interior, dashboardNavigator
Lincoln Navigator Concept interior frontConcept
Both the production and concept cars have minimalist, spartan and very European interiors, but the concept car is just a little bit more so. Note the stylised wing mirrors and two-spoke steering wheel.
2018 Lincoln Navigator - front seatsNavigator
Lincoln Navigator Concept with Lincoln Perfect Position seatsConcept
The Navigator, like the Continental has Perfect Position Seats that look and feel like a comfy lounge. Obviously the concept's are a little more so, but the difference isn't huge.
2018 Lincoln Navigator - middle seatsNavigator
Lincoln Navigator Concept second rowConcept
In the middle row, both the concept and production Navigators have similar seats.
2018 Lincoln Navigator - rear seatsNavigator
Lincoln Navigator Concept third rowConcept
It's only in the third row that the production Navigator reverts to a regular set of seats, while the concept keeps the luxury level at nine-and-three-quarters.

2018 Lincoln Navigator

2016 Lincoln Navigator Concept

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2018 Lincoln Navigator vs 2016 Concept: Differences side-by-side