Volkswagen electric cars to have an 8 year battery warranty

The upcoming Volkswagen ID.3 hatch and all of the brand’s electric cars will have an 8 year (160,000km / 99,500mi) battery warranty.

With the warranty, Volkswagen will guarantee that all cars in the ID EV family will retain at least 70% of their battery capacity for the first 8 years or 160,000km (99,500mi), whichever comes first.

“Our goal is to make sure the [Volkswagen] ID batteries last as long as the cars”, Frank Blome, head of the Centre of Excellence for battery technology, said.

The ID.3 will offered with a choice of three battery capacities, with WLTP ranges going from 350km (217mi) to 550km (342mi).

Volkswagen estimates 50% of all charging operations will take place at home, and a further 20% will occur at work.