Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak pickup unlikely, smaller Tarok a possibility

Volkswagen could (maybe) build a car based pikcup, but the Atlas Tanoak is unlikely as it’s too big and would only appeal in the US.

Hein Schafer, head of product marketing and strategy at Volkswagen, told Autoblog, it could make the Atlas Tanoak as capable as the Honda Ridgeline, but that car sells in small numbers, so it’s hard to justify stretching the Atlas’ wheelbase and making all the modifications for so few sales.

He did say a car like the Tarok Concept, which could be based on a small SUV, built in Mexico and be marketed as a lifestyle pickup, is more likely. Unlike the Atlas Tanoak, the smaller Tarok wouldn’t compete with body on frame midsize pickups.

The 2019 Volkswagen Tarok Concept uses the MQB platform, is about 5m (197″) long, has 5 seats, and uses a 110kW (148hp) 1.4L turbo.

The Atlas Tanaok concept is much bigger, and is powered by a 3.6-liter V6 with 276hp (206kW) and 266 lb-ft (360Nm) with an 8-speed auto and AWD.

Source: Autoblog