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Vauxhall Cascada axed in UK, Ireland; soft top lives on as Opel, Buick, Holden

The Vauxhall Cascada was axed from the UK and Ireland range months ago, but no-one noticed, and now the last cars have been sold spelling the end.

Just 220 Cascadas were sold in the UK in 2017, so Vauxhall decided to drop the car from its range early this year, quietly selling off remaining stock.

Vauxhall has been quietly trimming its range of slow selling cars, including Adam Rocks psudeo SUV, Astra GTC, and Zafira minivan.

The C-segment convertible was once a popular offering, with models from Ford, Peugeot, and Renault, but popularity has dropped off in the last decade, and all that’s left in the UK is the Audi A3 and BMW 2-Series.

PSA owned Opel continues to produce the Cascada convertible for sale in Europe. The car is also sold in North America as a Buick, and in Australia as a Holden.

Source: Autocar