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Vauxhall Ampera-e, Holden Bolt ruled out: No RHD for BEV Chevy

The Chevrolet Bolt, aka Opel Ampera-e, won’t be made in right hand drive, ruling out versions of the EV hatch for The Vauxhall and The Holden.

Vauxhall released a statement today saying the 2017 Opel Ampera-e “will be evaluated in the UK by Vauxhall with the possibility of right-hand-drive models being produced in a future generation.”

Rory Harvey, Vauxhall’s managing director, hinted that Vauxhall might sell left hand drive Ampera-es in the UK. “Vauxhall is committed to having a future EV presence in its range,’ he said.

“The technology which underpins the new Ampera-e is of great interest to us, and we will be evaluating LHD cars from next spring and demonstrating them to clients.”

With RHD production of the The Bolt and Ampera-e ruled out for this generation, this will mean that there will be no Holden The Bolt or Holden Ampera-e.