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Tesla Model S, Model X to have no major changes, Musk says

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, has confirmed the Tesla Model S and Model X will continue with only minor changes, as the company has no facelift planned.

Responding to reports that a interior refresh (modeled on the Model 3), and questions from fans on Twitter, Musk replied:

“There is no “refreshed” Model X or Model S coming, only a series of minor ongoing changes. Most significant change in past few years was to use high efficiency Model 3 rear drive unit as S/X front drive unit. That went into production 3 months ago.”

So, that’s that.

That will come as a relief to anyone who hates/dislikes the Model 3 interior, but does raise questions about questions about the Model S and Model X’s long term viability as the last facelift (for the Model S) happened 3 years ago.