2021 Hyundai Pickup Truck: Crossover model to have 2L turbo-diesel

Dealers have seen the new pickup truck Hyundai plans to launch “soon”, and it will be a crossover style model likely based on the new Santa Fe.

A Hyundai executive told Automotive News the new model will target buyers who don’t traditionally buy pickup trucks.

“It’ll be a very versatile vehicle. That has the promise of creating a whole new class of buyers,” said Michael O’Brien, head product planning for Hyundai USA, told Automotive News.

Dealers who have seen the car describe it as a tight fitting 5-seat truck with sliding extendable tailgate, and a 2L turbo-diesel engine. It will be smaller than full-size pickups, and can fit into city car spaces.

The 2015 Santa Cruz concept is said to be similar in design to the new truck.

It all sounds like a sexier, slightly smaller, competitor to the Honda Ridgeline!

Source: Automotive News