SsangYong: What does its name mean?

With a name that starts with two Ses and a history of vehicles that a mother would find hard to love, SsangYong is an unusual car company with an unusual name. What does it mean?

SsangYong is a transliteration of the car company’s Korean name: 쌍용. When written in Hanja (or Chinese) script, the company’s name is 雙龍. Break those two words apart and you have double (雙) and dragon (龍).

So, SsangYong is literally the double dragon motor company. Given that some people within the company believe that its odd name is holding it back in the marketplace and that there are also persistent rumours that some want to change the name, they could do far worse than adopting the name Double Dragon.

At the very least, they could put a dragon or two on the company’s logo.